Saints and Sinners Safe Code – How to Find the Safe in Saints and Sinners

In Saints and Sinners, there is a safe that players can unlock. The safe is hidden in a shallow area. The player can open it as soon as he/she can. There is a powerful revolver inside the safe. To open it, you need to enter the safe code. Thankfully, there are a few ways to find the safe code. Continue reading to find out where to find it!

saints and sinners safe code

The first way to find the safe code is to use a skiff to explore the Shallows area. This area is filled with semi-flooded buildings. The safe is inside the large blue mansion. The safe can be found in the Study of the first floor of the building. When you enter the main door, look for the paper that has the code on it. Then climb a broken wall and look for Daryl Dixon.

The second way to get the safe code is to go to the Shallows area. This area contains a number of semi-flooded buildings. The safe can be found in the Study of a large blue mansion. Once you enter the main house, you will see the Study. After entering, kill the undead husband and return his wedding ring. Then, go to the Golden Lions’ house to find the key.

The third way to get the safe code is to visit the blue mansion. This is where the music stand is located. You can enter the house through the door in the band room. During the game, you will have to use your skiff to navigate around the Shallows area. You will need to find the key in the Music Room, and in the Band Room of Rampart School. Once you find the key, you will be able to unlock the safe.

You can also find the safe in the Blue Mansion. The safe is located in the Via Corolla area, which is the same area as the Shallows area. This will allow you to reach the hidden room in Memorial Lane. In the Band Room, you will have to enter the code on the music stand. Once you’ve entered the room, you can move on to the other side of the building.

In the Shallows, the player’s skiff will take them to the city. Here, he will find a safe. If the player is unable to find the key in the Music Room, he must return to the main part of the city. The code can be obtained in any building of the city, but you need to make sure you have the music stand. This is the location where the Jazzman safe is located.

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