Monster Prom Quiz Guide

monster prom quiz guide

Monster Prom Quiz Guide

In Monster Prom, the craziest pop quiz ever is back! The quiz is a hilarious way to make someone think that you’re too old or too cool to go to the prom. The questions are made to shock you, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a high school student or an adult. The quiz reveals who you’re most likely to fall in love with. It also gives you a chance to learn more about the game’s characters.

There are four different sections of the quiz. The first two are character questions and the third is a short puzzle. Answers will determine your stats. The final question has six possible answers. The answer to this question will determine your date. If you’re an older monster, you’ll be the perfect date for Zoe. The monsters, however, aren’t just for show. It’s about finding the perfect match.

The Monster Prom quiz guide will help you to choose the right date. Answers will determine whether you’re a cute, smart, or handsome guy. If you answer “dumb” and “boorish” incorrectly, you’ll end up with Polly or a revenge-driven Vera. The game features some surprises as well as an extremely predictable game of fill-in-the-blanks.

The game has many modes. You can play with up to four other people online and play locally. In multiplayer, players take turns going from one area to another. In some areas, you can compete with each other to figure out who’s the “worst” or “best” date. The game’s popularity is due to its fun and easy multiplayer options. So, get out there and have a blast! If you’re a high schooler or have a high school student, Monster Prom is the perfect party game for you!

The Monster Prom quiz has many modes, and there’s one for every age group. You can play online with up to four other people, or with the family you’ve invited. You can choose a friend or two to play with. In multiplayer mode, each player takes turns going from area to area. They each have their own set of answers, and you’ll have to judge which one is the worst. This is not a game where you can just guess the answer.

You can play online or locally with up to four people. The game supports up to four players. When playing with multiple people, you can play with them on the same computer. In multiplayer, you will take turns moving from room to room. There are even different games like the “best” and “worst” topics. In each of these categories, you’ll have to select the best answer for each category. If you’re not good at answering the questions correctly, the game is not for you.

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