Minecraft Kryptonite Hack Cheat [PC] 2022

Minecraft Kryptonite Hack

Minecraft Kryptonite Hack With the release of the new version of Minecraft, many cheats used for 1.7.2 are left behind. We say it’s left behind because cheats like huzuni & resilience are released in Minecraft 1.8. We know it’s not compatible with your version.

When this is the case, cheat programs that are compatible with 1.8.X come into play. The Kryptonite cheat is among these cheat programs. The number of users in Turkey is very low. The reason for this is that this trick is not mentioned in any Turkish site. However, it is a quality cheat with a very detailed interface and more than 50 features. We have listed all of these features for you below the article. We definitely recommend you to try all the features one by one in order to better understand the Minecraft Kryptonite Hack cheat and play it more enjoyable.

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How to Install Minecraft Kryptonite Hack ?

Extract the “Minecraft-Kryptonite-18X-MinecraftindirNET.rar” file you downloaded to your computer to the folder.
Open the Run window. (You can open it by pressing the Windows + R keys together.)
Type the command %appdata% and navigate to the .minecraft folder from the opened folders.
Then go to the “Versions” folder.
Copy the “Kryptonite” folder in the downloaded file into the “Versions” folder.
Run Minecraft Launcher and select “release Kryptonite” from “Version”.
When you “Play”, you will enter Minecraft with Kryptonite.


Right Shift = Kryptonite Open
ESC = Close


aura – .aura mob/player | Change aura targets.
autosoup – .autosoup | Change AutoSoup.
bind – .bind hack key | Bind key.
damage – .damage | View damage.
enchant – .enchant | It enchants the item in your possession. (Creative mode)
esp – .esp entity/blockid | Adds the blocks you want.
friend – .friend | Adds as a friend to prevent war.
help – .help | The Help menu shows all commands.
imgur – .imgur | Uploads the image to imgur, an image upload site.
ip – .ip | It shares the IP of the server you are on.
lagblock – .lagblock string | Creates a lagblock.
op – .op | Ops all of your alts.
panic – .panic | Turns off all mods/cheats.
preset – .preset pvp | Adjusts the settings for a quick game.
say – .say string | Sends a message to the server.
scrape – .scrape | Saves usernames in a .txt file.
speed – .speed speed | Sets the movement speed.
timer – .timer speed | Changes the game speed.
toggle – .toggle hack | Toggles settings.
vclip – .vclip amount | Clip shooting.
whitelist – .whitelist | White list.
xray – .xray blockid | It allows you to see the desired block through the walls.

Minecraft Kryptonite Hack

Mods And Features

[NCP] Aimbot – Attacks entities close to the cursor. | Key : 0, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] Aura – Attacks entities closest to you.. | Key : P, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] AutoEnchant – Gets automatic armor. | Key : 0, Category: WORLD
[NCP] AutoFish – Automatically fishes. | Key : None, Category: MISC
[NCP] AutoPotion – Automatically throws potions. | Key : J, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] AutoSoup – Automatically drinks soup. (KitPvP) | Key : H, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] AutoTool – Automatically makes good block selection. | Key : None, Category:


[NCP] Blink – Blink özelliği. | Tuş : Yok, Kategori: MISC
[NCP] BowAimbot – Yay için hedef belirler. | Tuş : Yok, Kategori: COMBAT
[NCP] Brightness – Parlaklık ayarları. | Tuş : B, Kategori: WORLD
[NCP] CaveFinder – Mağaraları bulmanıza yardımcı olur. | Tuş : Yok, Kategori:


[NCP] Cham – Player X-RAY | Key : None, Category: RENDER
[NCP] ClickAim – Aims at assets when you click the mouse. | Key : None, Category: COMBAT


[NCP] NoBurn – You do not burn in fires. | Button : None, Category: PLAYER
NoFall – | Button : None, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] NoPush – . | Key : G, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] NoSlow – (etc) don’t slow you down. | Button : None, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] NoWeather – It’s always sunny. | Key : None, Category: WORLD
Nuker – Destroy blocks. | Key : MINUS, Category: WORLD
[NCP] Overlay – Stops fire and pumpkins (etc) from appearing on your screen. | Key : None, Category: RENDER
[NCP] Parkour – Exploit NCP to win at parkour. | Button : None, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Phase – Exploit NCP to glitch through blocks. | Key : K, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Reach – Reach slightly further. | Button : None, Category: PLAYER
Regen – Your health increases faster. | Key : None, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] Respawn – Automatically respawn. | Button : None, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] Retard – Shows as disabled. | Key: EQUALS, Category: MISC
[NCP] ReverseStep – Makes you step down full blocks. | Button : None, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Revive – Revive automatically on some servers. | Key : None, Category:


[NCP] SafeWalk – You won’t fall off the edge. | Button : None, Category: PLAYER
Sneak – Tells the server that you’re sneaking. | Key : Z, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] Speed – Move faster. | Button : None, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] SpeedyGonzales – Faster blocks. | Key : None, Category: WORLD
[NCP] Spheres – Adds hit orbs around players. | Key : None, Category:


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