Download Minecraft Wurst Hack (Cheat) [1.8.x]

The makers of the Wurst cheat program have made the Minecraft Wurst Hack cheat very fun with the updates and innovations they have made in the last year. There are many features in the 1.8.X version of the Wurst cheat, which is not yet very old and we encountered for the first time with the 1.7.2 version.

Minecraft Wurst Hack

There are more than 60 features in the Wurst cheat. Since it will be a little difficult to explain all of them to you one by one, we introduce most of them to you by making brief explanations. When you install the cheat, you can get more information by trying all the features one by one.

How to use Minecraft Wurst Hack

Installation First Download Wust Folder from link down bellow

.minecraft in %appdata% and then in versions folder.
we throw And when entering the game, we choose Wust from the version selection.

And So Our Cheat Is Complete.

keys of Minecraft Wurst Hack

Left CTRL = Open Reflex
ESC = Close
FastPlace: F
Flight: G
Freecam: U
Fullbright: C.
Killaura: R
Nuker: L
Sneak: Z
X-Ray: X
/home: H

.addalt: Adds all players on the server.
.annoy: Annoys a player by repeating everything he says.
.bind: Modifies all keybinds.
.clear: Clears the chat completely.
.fastbreak: Changes FastBreak settings.
.gm: “/gamemode” types.
.help: Lists all commands.
.ip: Shows the IP address of the server you are currently playing.
.nuker: Changes Nuker settings.
.rv: Turns on the RemoteView feature and targets a specific entity.
.say: Sends a message from the chat.
.search: Changes the search settings.
.stats: Lists details about Wurst.
.t: Open command.


AntiKnockback: Protects against pushes.
AntiSpam: It takes precautions against spam occurring in the chat section.
ArenaBrawl: Automatically switches to ArenaBrawl / server. (still under construction)
AutoAdSign: (Ad related)
AutoBuild: Makes automatic builds. The structures he made; Bridge, Floor, Swastika, Pillar, Wall, Wurst
AutoMine: It automatically digs and mines.
AutoRespawn: Automatically respawns on death.
AutoSign: Automatically inserts/signs.
AutoSwitch: Automatic switching.
AutoWalk: Walks automatically.
BuildRandom: Random builds.
ChestESP: Chests are seen through walls.
Criticals: Deals critical hits.
Derp: Other players appear from anywhere.
Dolphin: swims like dolphins.
FastBreak: Breaks blocks fast.
FastEat: OM! NOM! NOM!
FastLadder: Climb stairs faster.
FastPlace: Places blocks 5 times faster.
FightBot: Automatically fights and attacks those around it.
Flight: It takes flight.
Follow: Follows the closest live.
ForceOP (a.k.a. AuthMeCracker):
Freecam: Goes out of the body. As the soul wanders, the body remains stationary.
Fullbright: Allows you to see in the dark.
Glide: Flies and drops.
Headless: Makes the character look like headless.
HealthTags: Adds health.
HighJump: Jumps 6 times higher.
/home: “/home” EV types.
InstantBunker: Quickly builds houses (5x5x3 – 57 blocks).
Invisibility (a.k.a. Godmode): Allows you to become invisible. (Only works on vanilla servers.)
ItemESP: You can see the items inside the walls.
Jesus: Allows you to walk on water.
Jetpack: You can jump from the air, it feels like you are using a JetPack.
Killaura: Automatically finds and attacks enemies.
Liquids: Liquids
LSD: Change in colors
MassTPA: Sends a TPA request to all players.
Miley Cyrus: Twerk!
MobESP: Shows MOBs from walls.
NameTags: Changes the scale of the nametags so you can always read them.
YesCheat+: Makes other mods bypass NoCheat+ or disables them.
NoFall: Protects against damage.
NoHurtcam: Prevents the image/shake that occurs when hurt.
Nuker: Destroys surrounding blocks.
Only Mobs/Players: Targets MOBs or players.
Overlay: Renders the Nuker animation when you mine a block.
Panic: Turns off all mods.
Phase: Exploits a bug in NoCheat+ that allows you to glitch through blocks.
PlayerESP: Allows you to see players through walls.
Protect: Monitors and protects assets near you.
Regen: Regenerates health 100 times faster.
RemoteView: Allows you to see the World as someone else.
Search: Helps you find a specific block. Use the .search command for this.
Sneak: Automatically sneaks all the time.
Spider: You can climb walls like a spider.
Sprint: Runs instead of walking.
Step: Allows you to step up full blocks.
Timer: The speed of everything increases.
Tracers: Shows the players around you with lines.
TrueSight: Allows you to see invisible entities.
X-Ray: You can see inside the walls.


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